Advocate & Author

A life-long learner, a big fan of the late-great Stephen Covey, I have studied personal development, pyschology, behaviour modification as well being a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.  My day job before children was a Personal Assistant and since having been self-employed, I have also worked as a VA and run an Amazon business sourcing from China and selling direct to the States.

A 60+ mum of two adult boys, the eldest of whom has a fast-paced highly paid IT position and the youngest; a Master of Music  wants to compose for the film or gaming industry eventually; I have been very happily married for almost 30 years and have a long career behind me in business administration, gained from experience and qualifications from the Institute of Administrative Management. 



An advocate for wildlife, my passion is to help teach the younger generation to not only respect wildlife but to help create habitat that encourages it and helps it flourish.

My new series of children's books, due out in June 2019 are based on the wildlife oasis I and my husband have created in our own garden, which has regular visitors of badgers, bats, foxes, frogs, butterflies, bees and sometimes the odd occasional hedgehog.  The stories tell of two hedgehog friends who go on an adventure to meet new friends in the garden and learn how to help them thrive.  It is hoped that children will be inspired to create their very own Prickly Hedge and eventually there will be a wildlife journal for them to chart their progress.

Would you like the workbook/activity book that goes along with the story plus a taste of the book and audio book as well as Nursery Prints and t-shirt transfers for your child, for FREE.  Just hit the link below.

In my ‘spare’ time I enjoy reading Tudor fiction, personal development books, genealogy, gardening, craft work, DIY and live theatre (another lifelong passion of musicals).



“If you want to see change in the world,
empower others to be their best selves.”
— Yvonne J Richards