about us

A mum, novelist and environmental activist

Prickly Hedge is run by me, Yvonne Richards.  I live in the West Midlands in my very own Prickly Hedge – a beautiful garden that is home to all manner of wildlife.

This gave me the idea to create Bubble and Squeek, two hedgehogs who have fun and adventures in the garden they call their own, namely Prickly Hedge.  Through the stories and their adventures, they learn how best to help all their wildlife friends.  It is hoped that this will inspire young readers to engage more with wildlife and hopefully begin to not only help preserve it but create habitats in which it can thrive.

I’ve also written romantic novels under my pseudonym of Diana Redman since 2000.  Life and my two 30-year old sons ‘got in the way’ of writing to some extent but since the loss of my beloved hubby Peter in 2021 from cancer, I want to devote more of my time to nurturing my writing again.

A young-at-heart 68 year-old, I have many and varied interests, my main one being genealogy and history, but I take an avid interest in science, the environment and new tehcnology.  I enjoy following politics, I have contributed to an EU radio programme as well enjoying amatuer theatre, DIY, crafting and spending time with my two boys.

I’ve also helped children with reading in a local primary school, run a social services children’s home, organised Senior Executive conferences for a large engineering group, run a High Street Charity shop, been a school Governor, served as Secretary of two groups and presided over meetings in the Chairman’s absence as well as currently Chairing an online group fighting planning applications in our local area.