prickly hedge

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Bubble and Squeek live at Prickly Hedge, where they help their wildlife friends.  It was inspired by the author, Yvonne Richard’s own garden where an abundance of wildlife including bats, badgers and foxes all happily live side by side.


  • Through stories and activities, we hope to encourage children to care for their environment.
  • To interract with wildlife and nature and ultimately connect with one another more.
  • We also have a range of merchandise available from books, audiobooks, transfers and prints.

fostering connections

By engaging more with wildlife and their environment, children will have a greater sense of connection to their surroundings and, ultimately, each other.  Helping children heal the planet, one garden at a time.


By reading books and listening to audiobooks we help teach children how to care for their environment, look after wildlife and create safe habitats for wildlife to thrive however big or small their patch.


Encouraging more crafts with natural products, outdoor play and simply being more active, we give children an appreciation of the world around them and how the natural world impacts on life.

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