Key to My Heart


Part 1 of the The Legacy trilogy

Divorcee and now avowed spinster, Melanie Griffiths meets, and falls for, jet-setting, super-smooth Simon Rochester, at a Training Conference she has organised. Unwilling to allow herself the luxury of a relationship with him, she blows hot and cold whilst he remains steadfast in his desire to make her his own.


A turn of events results in Simon inheriting a multi-million pound estate from a business friend who became his surrogate father, which results in Melanie’s deepening conviction that money will change his feelings for her and they shouldn’t pursue a relationship. He decides to ask the ultimate question but then drops his own private bombshell that Melanie feels she cannot come back from…


The story continues in Fragile is the Glass when Simon is required to fly to Australia to look after his new business dealings. Little does he know what waits for him there; will it be the solution he needs or will it be the undoing of him? ADULT CONTENT: THERE ARE SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE AND SOME PROFANITY