Dark Secrets


Desperate to save his dying wife, Bob Aiken turns to his childhood friend, Scott Peters, to take on his legal case. Two friends, thrown together again by fate, neither knowing how closely linked their troubles are, or, how a secret tryst is still sending out its shock waves, two decades on. Scott and Sara’s marriage is volatile, her jealousy knowing no bounds.


When she threatens to leave him, taking their two-year old daughter, Lauren with her, if he dares disclose his own dark secret to his friend and legal assistant, Louise Dent, their marriage begins to falter. Albeit, for his own reasons he chooses not to confide in Louise, he still finds in her a touchstone, a warm, caring and compassionate woman with whom he can talk. Eventually he allows her into his world and his heart only to find his new-found happiness is short-lived when he has to make the agonizing choice between love and losing his beloved daughter.


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