Trying to save our iconic British hedgehog is fast becoming an uphill struggle. With more and more re-development of land for housing, the habitats of much of our wildlife is being destroyed.  Our only recourse is to become independent eco-warriors and manage our own backyards.  There is so much we can, and quite frankly, must do, if we are save this little guy.  You can hop over to our Facebook page PricklyHedge and join in the discussions, and there will be information on this page too, to help you build a better environment for not only hedgehogs, but all wildlife that visits our gardens.

Want a mini-course on no-cost tips to help hedgehogs, what and what not to feed them if they visit your garden and whether or not you should rescue them?  If so, click the link below.


At the moment, we are objecting to a local planning application that would see a parcel of landlocked garden area in our street, developed by the erection of two bungalows.  This land, including a barn, has been home to wildlife for the last 70+ years since the houses were built.  We know that there are foxes, hedgehogs, toads and all manner of birds and insects there.  There might also be a badgers sett as badgers have been seen there and bats too.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that if it comes to it, the environmental study that they will need to carry out will uncover habitats that are protected.

Well we marshalled the forces and brought the local community together plus trying to gather as much support, and objections, from as many people as possible.  We managed to amass over 30 objections on the Planning Portal.  Well done everyone. It is just another example of business taking precedence over wildlife and with our eco-system always being fragile, we need to preserve every pocket of wildlife, however large or small it may be, for future generations.  We owe it to the animals, we owe it to our children.