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A Great BIG Welcome to Prickly Hedge

Hello and Welcome to Prickly Hedge.

The site is being updated at the moment, but hopefully, it will be fully functioning very soon.

Based in the West Midlands, UK, Prickly Hedge is the garden that me and my husband have owned since the 1990s. We are very fortunate to have birds of prey, owls, numerous garden birds, foxes and badgers visit us regularly and through that love of wildlife, Prickly Hedge was created.

With the current state of our planet, we need to look after our wildlife, get our children out into nature more and connect with the natural world more. Through the characters of Bubble and Squeek, they can engage with the stories and learn how to help the hedgehog’s friends to thrive.

Even small acts like planting herbs can really help wildlife and give the younger generation a greater sense of connection to the world at large.

We are looking forward to getting to know all of you over at our Facebook page Prickly Hedge where we often post night-time videos of our foxes and badgers.

front page of Spring workbook with cartoon purple bird on branch singing with trees in background