With more and more re-development of land for housing, the habitats of much of our wildlife is being destroyed.  Our only recourse is to become independent eco-warriors and manage our own backyards.  There is so much we can, and quite frankly, must do, if we are save wildlife.  You can hop over to our Facebook page PricklyHedge and join in the discussions, and there will be information on this page too, to help you build a better environment for not only hedgehogs, but all wildlife that visits our gardens.

So I created two hedgehog characters, Bubble and Squeek and began writing short stories around them to help children get out into nature and help wildlife.

Sign up BELOW for your FREE ARC copy of “Tales from Prickly Hedge”. I’m looking for reader’s with children in the age range of 5-8 years old who will read and review the book. All reviews received will get either TWO FREE pdf photo prints of the two main characters to frame OR TWO FREE t-shirt transfer PDFs of the main characters to put on a t-shirt or bag.