5✩ "I really got into this book and was thoroughly enjoying it, i just want the next instalment to be published." Karen Denley





Key to My Heart is an 18+ Book containing some scenes of a sexual nature and some swearing.

Key to My Heart

Divorcee and now avowed spinster, Melanie Griffiths meets, and falls for, jet-setting, super-smooth Simon Rochester, at a Training Conference she has organised.

Unwilling to allow herself the luxury of a relationship with him, she blows hot and cold whilst he remains steadfast in his desire to make her his own.

A turn of events results in Simon inheriting a multi-million pound estate from a business friend who became his surrogate father, which results in Melanie's deepening conviction that money will change his feelings for her and they shouldn't pursue a relationship.

He decides to ask the ultimate question but then drops his own private bombshell that Melanie feels she cannot come back from...