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Are you an Angel for our Planet?


I was sent this video a while back and this is the first chance I’ve had to review it. I was stunned by not only the technical difficulties to create it initially but also the beautiful imagery of the insects and mammals it depicted.

Watching the bats feed at night with their huge translucent wings reminded me of angels and I wondered how many of us were indeed Angels for our Planet? What do we do to enhance the beauty of our world. We make a big thing out of buying the latest gadget for our kitchen, or the latest set of cushion covers for our lounge but how many of turn that artistic streak to our environment. Yes, I know a lot of you love your garden and I, for one, love my greenhouse and my solitary bee hives. I leave a lot of my lawn uncut to provide much-needed food and nectar for the bees and I also re-cycle a lot of my rubbish.

“SEP – Somebody Else’s Problem.” Yvonne Richards

But all of that said, I still don’t go out and help clear up the canal towpath of rubbish, or even just walk round my street collecting rubbish. These things tend to be SEP’s as I call them – somebody else’s problems. “Oh that’s what we pay our council tax for.” But what if by everyone helping clear up the mess, we could reduce our council tax bill? I can’t believe the amount of people I see who drop rubbish as they walk along the street, or out of their car window. SEP. Somebody else is paid to pick it up i.e. the local council – but don’t they realise that it ultimately comes out of their pockets?

Anyway, watch this gorgeous film and see what you can do to be an Angel for our Planet – #angelforourplanet