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joyful child

3 Simple Tools To Increase your Business- JOYFULLY

joyful child

  • Do you ever feel like you have to choose between having a successful, joyful business and the rest of your life- your family, relationships, and self-care?
  • Are you ever gripped by fear and frustration because you KNOW there’s a successful, lucrative business or work life out there for you– but you’re JUST not making it happen on your own?
  • Would structure, support, and hands-on tools help you immensely in building work you lover that also brings home the bacon (without burn-out OR sacrifice?)?

Britt Bolnick of In Arms Coaching has had her share of struggle, scarcity, and self-doubt, and has risen from a single mother on food stamps to the owner of her own company– working from home in between the needs of her unschooling 8 year old, with a life that has room for everything they both love.

And she wants this for you. Britt’s vision for the world is one in which women get to do ALL the things that matter to us- and being financially stable with work you love is a HUGE piece of that.

To this end she’s inviting you to her free webinar, “3 Simple Tools To Increase Your Business- Joyfully!” where you’ll receive:

Pre-work work- (we start working together EVEN BEFORE we start working together) that you can send in to me for me to personally respond to to set you up for success

  • I’ll show you how being straight-up, awesomely, authentically YOU can be used for increasing visibility, clients, AND profits
  • You’ll learn how to show your colors and feel better about it as you actually attract what you want from who you ARE
  • Proven tips, bad-ass tools, and motivational stories that give you free and simple ways to increase your business that you can practice right away
  • Ample time for q&a with me, live. If we haven’t met yet, know that when I laser coach you live on our webinar you’ll be receiving some wickedly powerful insights and easy tools from an authentically audacious mentor who can see the bigger picture for you- and you’re probably like me and learn the MOST from interaction- not passively listening- so let’s make this as interactive as possible so your brain really accesses this powerful information- talk to me, woman!

Check in and save your seat here for Monday, August 11th at 7 pm EST

Register for “3 Simple Tools To Increase your Business- JOYFULLY!” here!


Britt Bolnick

Britt Bolnick is a single mama living a life she loves in Portland, Maine. She has traveled a path from broke and broken single mama to financially independent and successful, building a business she loves.

Britt powerfully guides and supports women all over the world who are ready to commit to building joyful, healthy work and thriving businesses that create wealth alongside ample space for the nurturing of personal relationships and regular, delicious self-care.

You can find out about building a life YOU love at www.inarmscoaching.com