Occupy Love!


A brand new film is coming out on 3rd May 2013!  I can’t wait.

Are you feeling disempowered regarding this beautiful planet we call home?  Hate what is happening to it, wish we could all just rub along with each other?  Hanker after Global Peace?  Well, my friend, there is only one person who can begin to change it and that’s YOU!  Yes, YOU.  You are the most amazing, awesome person put on this planet at this time ready to face the biggest challenge of your life.

We all know that there is safety in numbers, but there is also strength in numbers.  Some species of bees have twigged that if they cluster around a certain predator that tries to invade their hive and lay it’s eggs in their honeycomb, they CAN kill it.  So whilst they are small and seemingly insignificant in terms of size to the vastness of their predator, if they work together for a common cause, they can overcome any difficulty.

I am not suggesting that world peace, global change and all the other myriad of issues surrounding us at the moment will be solved that quickly, but we MUST begin to realise that we have the power to make our voice heard as long as we are all signing from the same hymn sheet.

Here’s a trailer of this film Occupy Love. I urge you watch it and then mark May 3rd in your diary. Why not, come over to the FB page at www.fb.com/angelicgems and tell us what you feel inspired to do. Community work, group meditation, online get-together. Let’s all have a think and do some brainstorming on Facebook. See you over there and remember, be the change you want to see in the world.

Yvonne-Making Changes-Richards

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