Magnificient May

Boy, do I ever have some exciting news to share with you but first and foremost, hiya everybody, how are you doing?


Where did April go, I really, really don’t know. Is your life speeding up like mine, because I tell ya, mine is crazy. But, hey that is good, I would rather it be like that than boring.

And I certainly haven’t been idle by any stretch of the imagination. I’m currently working on my courses and yes, I know you hear me say that a lot, but I have finally decided to stop chasing other things and to concentrate a certain amount of hours on me and my business. I do love helping others and especially my family, but I’ve taken a big deep breath and decided where I want to go and am heading there now like a big puffing steam train.
From next month, I will working out of the Tinne Complementary Health Clinic in Wollaston, Stourbridge, run by a lovely lady called Holly Bond. I am really excited about this as it gives me a platform for not only my card readings but also my courses on the angels, archangels, chakras and coming soon, law of attraction and how to read angel cards, plus there will be a Tarot card course too. So, lots and lots of things happening in 2013 and I am determined to get out there and start this journey.
You will be the first to know what dates we have in mind, but obviously I have to fit in with Holly and the Clinic.

This month’s stone is Emerald and with Archangels Chamuel, Michael and Raphael who look after the astrological sign of Taurus and Archangel Zadkiel who looks after Gemini, I was considering putting together a nice altar this month filled with lots of pink, blue, green and purple to go with the respective Archangel halo colours.

I’m thinking maybe, the pink and blue up to the middle of the month and then looking at the green and blue with maybe a few hints of lilac in there – not only for Archangel Zadkiel but also for Archangel Michael. If you think about the beautiful muscari in the picture, of which I have several pots in my garden and also hyacinths – it’s an easy month to find flowers for your sacred space.

For those of you wanting to know the colours of the halos, they are as follows:

Chamuel – Taurus – Pink/Spring Green
Michael – Taurus – Dark Indigo Blue/Purple
Raphael – Taurus – Green – all hues
Zadkiel – Zadkiel – Purple

May just pop that picture up on the Facebook page at – if you have any, just pop them on there too.

Make a simple altar from a white dinner plate, a few flowers, a few crystals, a feather or two and a tea light. Have a go – it’s really easy and it gives you a lovely focal point to just remember that the angels are always with you, it’s just whether or not you can feel their presence or not 🙂

Have a fantastic week and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more news on the courses. Yep, May is turning out to be just magnificent.

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